About Boost Digital Media

We are the pioneers in South Devon local news.

Localised news for a digital era

We’re huge advocates in delivering local, up to the minute news and information to our audience.

More importantly we understand that the information we deliver has to both matter to locals and be delivered via a voice that really cares.

Influence, authority and accuracy

Our founder, Robert Haylor, started Boost Torbay in 2012 with the goal of promoting Torbay, its businesses and events via social media.

We were the very first social media account in Torbay to introduce #BoostTorbay to the wider population in South Devon.

A media agency you can trust

Through our up to the minute and straight to the point updates, we have grown both via organic and paid models.

Today we are one of the most engaged local media platforms in the region, with over 11,000 followers and over 1,700 monthly views

Integrity and honesty are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • History

    BoostTorbay started out in 2012 with a budget of 0.  Over the past 6 years we have scaled our audience to become one of the most engaged in South Devon.  We continue to build and grow on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

  • Approach

    We approach every client campaign with an open mind.  We get that what you’re requirements are different to what another client wants.  Getting into the nuts and bolts of your digital marketing campaign is exactly what we do.

  • Culture

    We believe that if you work smart, you get the rewards.  Which is why we host, annually a party of some form whether its a birthday bash or a Christmas Dinner.  Boost Digital Media rewards all those who have helped grow its ecosystem to what it is today.

  • Method

    Our method is simple, we don’t want grey, we want the facts, the whole facts and nothing but the facts.  Which is why all the posts we put online will only ever contain the facts from the horses mouth.

Robert Haylor
Nerdy Guy

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