Top 10 organisations to go to for new technology help

Developing your new tech product can often feel like a lonely journey, especially if you’re working on the next big thing.

Up at all hours writing code, if you’re the developer, or working throughout the day on marketing and promoting the product to would be investors.

Lets face it, when it comes to developing and showcasing new technology you’re on your own until the public gets it.

So where do you turn to when you are the sole director of a technology company working on the next big thing, our top 10 list here will help you with that.

Network and tell people about your new technology product.

1. Networking Groups

Believe it or not, our very first recommendation is a networking group.

Get out there and spend sometime talking to other people in your local area, or if you’re up for the drive go national or even international, don’t forget your passport.

Attending a network event is kind of like standing in a room with lots of people all with plenty of doors to help you drive your tech product.

Get out there.

2. Entrepreneurial Spark 

If you’re a startup believe me these guys are fantastic.

There focus is to purely to inspire and enable positive social change through the action of entrepreneuring.

Equipped with both a business accelerator and a startup program.  These guys will help you understand everything you could possibly need to know about changing your mindset to that of an entrepreneur and help you turn your vision into reality.

3. Local Development Agencies

Every county in the UK has a development agency.

These guys work around the clock to deliver some pretty large projects to counties and beyond.  Often they are experienced business professionals and have a wealth of knowledge and local experience to draw upon.

Have a word with your local council to find out who is your local development agency.

4. Gov.Uk 

If you are based in the UK the government has a whole section devoted to starting and running your business.

Many, many moons ago we would of been recommending business link as a fantastic business tool to get in touch with, unfortunately that organisation has long since passed.

5. Other Tech companies

Unless you’ve got Mark Zuckerberg on speed dial, this might sound a bit of a long shot.

But, you will be surprised the number of companies out there that want to help you.  There is no harm in mentioning your concept to directors and people in passing, so long as it’s not covered by an NDA.

So talk to them about the idea, and see where it leads.  Often people are happy to help you, even if it is just to give you some friendly advice.

You never know where it might lead.

Secure the investment you need for your technology product

6. Private Investors 

Tech products cost money, it’s as simple as that.

Whenever we’re advising a client that has said they have the next big thing, our first question is “sounds awesome, what’s the budget for marketing and continuous development?”  It is surprising the answers we get to that question.

When it come to getting private investors on board, something we have learned quite recently, is if you can prove the concept is popular i.e. you have sign ups, you have people waiting to use the product and you can demonstrate a premium and sound business model you will probably get a good shot at gaining access to funding.

Private investors are often difficult to come by, so use platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Funding Circle and see how you get on.

7. Crowd Fund

There are hundreds if not thousands of Crowd Funding websites out there.

They all work pretty much in the same way.  Offering a range of perks to secure funding for your project or product.

You won’t be alone on these kinds of websites and you will need to demonstrate the innovation in the concept as well as spend time pushing the crowd funding ca

mpaign out there.

Crowd funding websites can include Kickstarter, CrowdFund and Crowdcube to name a few.

8. White Hat Hacker

In terms of security for your new product, we’re sure you will test it to an inch of its life.

However, lets be clear all the testing in the world isn’t going to make your website the most secure place on the planet.

A white hacker, are the good guys of the hacking world they will test and attempt to get into your website targeting various ports, databases and other vulnerabilities.  They aren’t going to be free but what price can you put on the security of your product.

When it comes to find a white hat hacker, just be careful how you go.  Some black hat hackers have been known to hide in white hats.  Take a look at websites like UpWork, TechWorld and so on.

9. Business Advisors/Accountants

There are millions of these guys in the UK and they all do a fantastic job at helping small and large businesses achieve their goals. In most cases you will be given a free hours consultation – and a pot of coffee.

So have a look on websites like LinkedIn to find a local business advisor.  Most are normally happy to sign an NDA if you require to, or are governed by the official secrets act.

10. E3 Digital

You are always welcome to discuss your tech concept with us.

In the past we have signed NDAs and worked for companies on some pretty innovative solutions to some of today’s common problems.  We’ve also launched our own tech products in the past and have a wealth of experience and know how to draw upon.

Give us a call or e-mail us and we’ll stick the kettle on.

Launching and developing a new product doesn’t have to be done on your own.  Whilst some of the organisations listed here might not be able to help you develop the website they can help you find the right people for some of the most common problems you might be facing.

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