By: Rob

E3 Digital are now Digital Media agency Boost Digital Media
8th April 2019

Exciting news: We’ve gone ahead and launched a new independent agency, Boost Digital Media (replacing E3 Digital & E3 Social Media)…

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Marketing your brand locally, 5 tips for small businesses
11th February 2019

The digital landscape has changed, it has changed not only our high street, or how we interact but it has changed…

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Boost Digital Media - The right content partner for your business
How to Choose the Right Content Partner for Your Business
3rd January 2019

Content is King, but you already knew that which is why it is such a vital part of your marketing mix….

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Seasons Greetings from E3 Digital
19th December 2018

Christmas is just around the corner and like a lot of businesses we’re getting ready to shut our office in Torquay…

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E3 Social Media, Facebook Live Friday's on Instagram
Introducing E3 Social Media
5th October 2018

Guiding you through the social media landscape. Think it says exactly why we setup E3 Social Media on the tin. With…

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SSL, Get on it
9th July 2018

Feeling the heat? If you’re not careful your website could certainly be feeling the kind of heat it doesn’t need or…

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Why Social Media is all about content
12th June 2018

Content is king, as one of my professors at University used to say whilst trying to fix up the OHP projector….

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E3 Digital
Happy Birthday, E3 Digital Website Turns 3
3rd May 2018

Another year has come and gone, its surprising how fast the time is going, it really is. Our website has turned…

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3 Top Tips to increase your e-mail marketing open rate
29th April 2018

I was recently at a exhibition in Exeter and met a lovely chap who was promoting his direct mail marketing service….

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Why you need to stop hosting your UK website abroad
24th April 2018

Over the past 2 years we have written various articles on why reliable website hosting is so important and why you…

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