Benefits of running a blog

It is said that in a typical day over 2 million blog posts are published, this blog post is just one of those 2 million. But what are the benefits of running a blog?   What do we get out of writing our articles for our visitors on a daily basis? The long and short answer is that we get traffic coming to our website, the more traffic we get coming to our website the more likely we are to see those visitors convert to being a contact and so on.

We also get a lot of enjoyment out of writing blog posts and providing our website visitors with valuable content which is totally free and gives them ideas which they are welcome to go away and try on their own websites. Besides this, what are the major benefits of running a blog?

Blog for Traffic Creation 

The essential part of running a blog is that it creates traffic, simple as that.  Write an article about an interesting topic, like this one, and people will come and read it.  Vary the content enough and people will begin to love not just your articles but also your brand.

The more people that see your brand and read your articles the more people are likely to consider you an authority in your industry.  Traffic creation is vital to a website, without it there is no chance for conversion and without conversion the bottom line of generating business leads or prospects is not possible.

So start a blog today to begin driving traffic towards your website.


Here is where the magic happens, your blog post, and we can’t stress this enough, must contain some kind of conversion point.  The visitors have taken the time to read the article, and they’ve got right down to the bottom, the question now is what you want them to do next?

Just like every new day gives us new opportunities so a new blog posts gives us the opportunity to generate new leads which convert.  The simple case is you have to be clear what you want the user to do next, or simply put what is the call to action (CTA).

We’ve popped a form at the bottom of this blog post for you to subscribe to our newsletter.  Other CTA examples can include buttons, pop-ups and forms.

Write a blog post that stands out

Establish your website as an authority

How many times have you gone to a website read an article and thought “what a load of rubbish”?  Probably quite a few times right?  When you write an article on your blog, try and drive it towards answering a question, solving a problem or in some way helping the user find a solution to a possible problem they have.

Establishing authority is not something which you can measure in the way you can measure leads and traffic but it is pretty powerful once you are established.  Visitors that have read one of your articles are more likely to use your paid for services if you have helped them answer a particular question/solve a problem.  They are also more likely to enter the sales purchase a little more educated about your own business, the industry and what you have to offer.

Finally you will also find, certainly for sales people, you will be asked questions which require an in-depth answer.  Having an archive full of useful blog posts to draw on will give the customer something to read and gain an answer to their question.

Blog for the long term 

Blogging, at least at the start, is not something which is going to give you 100s of thousands of visitors or even customers.  However, lets say that you write an article today and you do get 100 views of which say 10% of them turn themselves into leads.

The following day your blog post gets a further 50 views and so on and so forth.  The beauty of writing a blog post is that it is your blog post will end up being indexed by the likes of Google and as such months and potentially years down the line you will still be gaining traffic from that article, allowing you to get on with enjoying your life.  Who’s up for surfing?


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