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Introducing E3 Social Media
5th October 2018

Guiding you through the social media landscape. Think it says exactly why we setup E3 Social Media on the tin. With…

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Why Social Media is all about content
12th June 2018

Content is king, as one of my professors at University used to say whilst trying to fix up the OHP projector….

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How can social media benefit your new tech product?
26th April 2017

The very first step to looking at your website is and looking at it as your very own tech product. It…

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What is Dark Social & what does it mean for your business?
6th February 2017

Since the start of the year I have been hearing a lot of talk around this term Dark Social. Me being…

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Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords
23rd January 2017

Monday morning, 6am the alarm bellows in your ear and the first thing you do is reach over for your smartphone…

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Top times to post on Social Media
28th November 2016

As I write this there is talks of a cold snap biting the UK and here in Torquay temperatures could get…

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Pinterest the new Facebook 4 years on
21st November 2016

In 2012, Fortune magazine wrote the article, is Pinterest the next Facebook? We’re now over 4 years on since the date…

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How can twitter further generate revenue?
7th November 2016

Twitter boasts some pretty impressive figures, from the number of users it has to the number of people that use its…

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Get more from your 140 characters
25th October 2016

140 characters really isn’t a lot, in fact here is an example of 140 characters; 140 characters look like this. Probably…

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Social Media ROI
Generate a good ROI for your Social Media efforts
24th October 2016

Previously we answered the age old question as to whether social media really worked for your business. Today we want to…

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