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Why you need to stop hosting your UK website abroad
24th April 2018

Over the past 2 years we have written various articles on why reliable website hosting is so important and why you…

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Professionally Designed, Professionally Built, Affordably Priced websites from E3 Internet
16th April 2018

We’re delighted to announce that we are launching a brand new service, aimed specifically at helping start-ups and micro businesses get…

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Promoting your nonprofit online, for free
16th April 2018

Once you’ve got your hands on your brand new nonprofit website, that you’ve had produced by the professional guys at E3…

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7 Fresh ideas for your company blog
7th March 2018

I have been a blogger for just over 12 years, whether it be blogging on my own personal website/blog or blogging…

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Freelance vs Employment which one is better?
21st June 2017

This week has been a scorcher here in the UK.  The weather has been well above 30 degrees and there is…

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What’s design got to do with tech?
5th June 2017

Websites and design has gone together a little like cheese and biscuits. They have, over the years, slowly started to go…

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How can social media benefit your new tech product?
26th April 2017

The very first step to looking at your website is and looking at it as your very own tech product. It…

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Top 10 organisations to go to for new technology help
17th April 2017

Developing your new tech product can often feel like a lonely journey, especially if you’re working on the next big thing….

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A perfectly blank business card, what will you put on yours?
What goes into designing a business card?
5th April 2017

So you’ve just picked up your first batch of business cards, don’t tell us they look amazing and are out of…

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The impact of web and digital marketing on recruitment
3rd April 2017

Many moons ago companies would put an advert in the local paper. In fact I found my very first job going…

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