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Which domain extension?

Choosing a new domain name can feel like you are walking through a pretty big mine field. This problem has only been made 10 times worse with new domain extensions coming onto the market, you can now have extensions ranging from the traditional dot com to the not so traditional dot sucks.

But which domain name extension should you choose?  The short story is there is no right or wrong answer, any domain name that you use can be ranked in the search engines providing you use the right techniques to get it listed. There are some domains that you are advised to keep away from these are traditionally used by spammers, but that is not to say that they cannot be listed in search results if optimised correctly.

Domain name extensions

Let’s say you’re a new business and you’ve gone onto your favourite domain name registrar, your first port of call and domain name choice should always be to secure the dot com.  A dot com domain extension is often the main extension that people will type into the address bar, if you are in the UK you should also secure the dot co dot uk domain extension.

Dot UK a worthwhile domain name? 

The dot UK domain name has been on sale since March 2012, and indeed those whom already own a dot co dot uk domain name are already pre-registered to claim this new dot UK extension.  We would advise to secure this domain as it is where we will be going in the future and it will make it easier for those in the UK to find you.

Brand Security 

Unless you’ve got pots of money, we would recommend you don’t try and secure every domain name available. Instead think about it a bit more methodically.
We always recommend clients to secure the most popular domains if brand security is important to them.  The rest you need to work out whether you really need to own the latest domain name, for example, it would make sense for a mobile app to secure the dot app extension.

International domain names

We would recommend that you take some time over this, ensure you draw on your own strategy for trading internationally to choose countries where you know your product will sell well.

If your business has been trading for some time you may have an intercontinental strategy with which to grow your business further.  Securing country specific domain names like dot fr (France) and dot de (Germany) are vital, if you want to have a digital presence in these countries.

You may find, however, some countries require you to have an address within that country, and others require you proof of identity.  International domain names, have their place, and we would recommend securing them if you have or are planning on trading internationally.

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