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Happy Birthday, E3 Digital Website Turns 3

Another year has come and gone, its surprising how fast the time is going, it really is.

Our website has turned 3 and in that time not much has changed on our website over recent months, due to the fact we’ve been busy creating and launching new websites for our clients.

Since 2017 we have helped deliver and launch 4 new websites for our clients and have worked on 6 new white label projects for agencies around the South West.

For those of you that love figures, you’re going to love this, we’ve put together a few stats.

The Stats

Our blog now has close on 200 blog posts of varying lengths and on various topics within the digital world.

In the past year we’ve had over 3,215 page views from countries all around the world.

Most popular country for 2017-2018 has been the United States.

Most popular city: Kingston, USA

Most popular article: Many people still using IE6

Popular Social Network: Most of our traffic has come from Facebook

Over the past year we have grown our twitter follower base to 1k+ and our Facebook likes are close to 100.

We have obtained the majority of our traffic, this year through direct methods, and Organic SEO.

Our audience are overwhelmingly male with an age range of between 25-34 with strong interests in Shopping and Hobbies/Business Professionals.

We’re also scoring well within the Employment industry and the Internet & Telecom Web Services/Web Design & Development industry.

Last year we said we were busy building a new website for e3 Digital, and we’re still committed to launching this, and it should be ready by June at the very latest.

So if we can all raise one of those virtual glasses to the E3 Digital website… see you all next year.

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