The impact of web and digital marketing on recruitment

Many moons ago companies would put an advert in the local paper.

In fact I found my very first job going through the local paper and applying for a job as a newspaper boy.

During the 80s and into the 90s companies made use of Job Centres to distribute vacancies and reach perspective candidates.

The Internet wasn’t quite being used to its full potential just yet.

The recruitment agency

Before the Internet, job seekers would often, like today, make use of recruitment agencies to help them find work around the UK.

2 Years ago in 2015 it was reported that over 5,000 recruitment agencies started in 2015 alone taking advantage of the high unemployment figures and a growing market place.

According to recent figures there are well over 19,823 recruitment agencies in the UK, that’s a lot of people.

The growth in social media channels and online has made it even more possible for people to find work whilst on the go.

The Dawn of the Monster

In 1999 a website known as Monster was launched onto the World Wide Web and with it came a whole new way for businesses to reach job seekers.

The platform, during this time was seen as one of the worlds leading job boards and even today it is regarded as the most trafficked websites for employment in the US.

In 2008 Monster had over a million job postings at any one time and over 1 million resumes it’s in index.

Effectively Monster is a job based search engine capable of helping job seekers find work and businesses find the right people.

I have used Monster in the past to find both contract and permanent work positions

recruitment is now more digital than ever before.

Social Media 

Today in the world of social media companies sometimes make use of professional social networks such as LinkedIn with which to reach their prospective candidates.

However, we also know that Facebook has also launched its very own recruitment tab on its popular business pages application.

This is making it even easier for people to find work utilising their favourite social network.

It won’t be long before we see  twitter enter this area.

The growth in the number of recruitment agencies has been put down to, largely the economic climate but also social media as more companies are turning to these channels to find new talent for their business.

This combined with a more mobile user base means that people can continue their job hunting even when they are not at home.

Push notifications make it possible for users to review job postings whilst on the go, and e-mail marketing has made it possible for people to find their next role on the fly.


Overall the growth of both social media, digital marketing and the web has all had a major part to play in how people are looking for work and also how companies are going about posting open positions.

That said, companies will and are still using the recruitment agency and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  Recruitment agencies are turning to more digital method of reaching its audience along side the traditional methods of calling and e-mail.

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