Internet Explorer Support Ends, Cheerio

Internet Explorer support for versions lower than 11 will end today

Internet Explorer

In December Microsoft announced  end of Life for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10.  What this means is that anything lower than version 11 will no longer be supported. Therefore a really good idea to upgrade your version of the browser sooner rather than later.

As browser technology goes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has had many faults and many a web developer has been sat tearing their hair out trying to get the darn browser to make their layouts look like they should.  A lot of people are asking why upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 why not just make use of the new and excellent Edge browser, Microsoft’s newest and latest offering within the browser market.

The major reason is because there is one feature that Edge is still unable to manage and that is the third party extensions.  This might not sound like much of a problem, however, if you can imagine trying to view elements such as a PDFs, YouTube Videos and so forth, it soon becomes a major problem for users of the new Edge browser.

With support no longer being provided for anything lower than version 11 of the browser it is essential that you upgrade your browser to its latest version.  Not keeping your browser version current opens you up to all kinds of security risks and with Internet Explorer the risks are just not worth it.

Whether we see this be the rallying call needed for people to move over to the new browser versions is a different matter, there is still rumours that some people are still making use of Internet Explorer 6 in 2015.

So join us as we close the book on support for the final version of this ageing browser.