How can social media benefit your new tech product?

The very first step to looking at your website is and looking at it as your very own tech product.

It is something that you have created or have given to an agency to create.

The days of your website purely being out there to market your business are long over.

Today people expect to see regular content, free ebook publications, API access, where applicable and most of all a website that is maintained and regularly updated.

Make your tech product play the social media tune

Social media is just one of the many cogs in the digital marketing mix and for a lot of websites it is the number one source for their traffic.

So how can social media benefit your new tech product?


1. Raises Brand awareness

A presence on social media, certainly the right social media platform, makes it a lot easier for people to find you and interact with you.

Not only does this help with you current customers being able to contact you but it also increases customer loyalty.

Which for a new tech product is vital, as it provides users with a platform with which to reach out to you and gives you your target market in one place.

2. Hack it from the start

Now we’re not saying go off and try and hack the big social networks that would not be a clever thing to do.

What we’re saying is that there are hundreds of what are called social media growth hacking tools out there which you can use to build a good following.

However, ensure you do this with caution and that you attract the right audience and do it as far as you can within the terns of service.

Paying for likes or followers, just isn’t the way to go forward, take it from someone that’s tried it and has seen the results.

3. Build relationships 

Considering the shotgun approach?

Don’t bother. Spend the time finding your audience and then research into the types of content they want to see.

Let’s say your product is a tourist destination website based on the south coast of England.

You know your target market is based in the West Midland and Black Country area.

Most of the social media platforms will allow you to reach out to people with an interest in holidaying around the south coast.

Thus putting you in touch with your target audience and in turn enabling them to build a relationship with your business.

Social media is one cog to market your tech product

4.  Competitive Analysis

Unless you’re making the next big thing or are entering an emerging market, the chances are that you are going to have competitors.  Who doesn’t right?

Social Media makes it possible for you to find these competitors, take an overview of what they are doing and look for opportunities that they might have missed.

Every good social media strategy should contain an analysis of your competitors and then provide you with pointers on what to do next.

5. Targeting

A lot of the major social networks today all run advertising platforms, each of which has it’s very own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.  What you need to decide is which platform is right for your target market.

Facebook adverts are a great way to reach your audience.

Let’s imagine for a moment your tech product is a new examination platform designed for both teachers and students.  You’re currently targeting students.

Most modern day students are using the likes of Instagram and Snapchat as well as very occasional Facebook posts.

With this in mind you devise a strategy that will show case the benefits of using your examination platform.  This is done by taking photos of the application, showing results increases due to this application being used and so on.

You effectively prove your concept works.


Social Media has a vital role to play in your tech products success or failure.  Like anything, you get out what you put in.  So spend sometime devising your social media strategy, your goals and more importantly how social media will in turn benefit your company and the tech product you have built.




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