Why Social Media is all about content

Content is king, as one of my professors at University used to say whilst trying to fix up the OHP projector.

Content is king, and that statement couldn’t be any more important than what it is its today.

From the images we post on instagram to this blog post, content is very much the life-force that runs through the web today.

Social Media is no different.

Content on Steroids

Social Media hasn’t just brought people together, but it has made it possible for the everyday consumers to become brand advocates.

Everyday millions of posts, videos and photos are uploaded everyday to a social network of some form.

Whether that social network is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the point is that millions of pieces of content are uploaded everyday.

Social Media is content on steroids, and that is only going to get worse as more people use the web.

Social Media is all about the content

Curated Content or Created

Content that you have created or content that you have shared from another persons website or curated.

Ideally, to become an authority in your chosen industry, you’re going to have post out equal amounts of your own and other peoples content.

You will also need to engage with thought leaders and current business leaders within your industry.

Becoming an authority in your own industry takes time and a lot of effort, but it is well worth it.

Click bait

One of the major problems with so much content out there in the ether is how much of this content is true and how much of it is fake news?

More importantly, you’re fighting for attention against every other piece of content that is already out there.

The solution?

A headline that is attention focused and entices the reader, just writing “My news headline” doesn’t sound inspiring or worthy of someone reading it.

So when it comes to your posts entice the reader, tease them, almost with a snippet to bring them in.


A question I often get asked is how can I make my picture, post or video go viral?

My answer is usually, it is normally the simple things that make it to viral.

Content such as your cat doing funny things with a caption, are often the ones that get shared the most, sounds crazy.

How to be social on social media?

This is probably a title for another blog post.

Being on social media isn’t enough, you’ve got to be social if you’re going to make it on social media.

That means, following people in your industry, interacting with them, posting our relevant content, posting your own content up.

Joining in the conversation at every corner is vital.

So do send that tweet, take that photo and get your name out there this summer.


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