What’s design got to do with tech?

Websites and design has gone together a little like cheese and biscuits.

They have, over the years, slowly started to go hand in hand.  However today there are various different avenues of design that companies and especially tech companies need to consider.

Areas of design that are often considered include:

  • Website Design (none development)
  • Logo Design
  • UX Design
  • Illustration

Most tech companies, including the larger companies like Facebook and Google have all started with a simplistic design that is easy to use and navigate.  Keeping the design simple seems to have a slight impact on the success of a tech company.

We could define this methodology as the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method.

Hybrid Designers

In recent years tech companies, and especially unicorn companies, have all said that they need more designers. There is a potential that hybrid designers, these are people who combine design with a touch of PHP, Ruby on Rails or JavaScript, could be used to fill the gap.

The face of design is changing from the classic method that we’re all familiar with to strategic focused and onto Computational Design.  This new area of design effectively involves the understanding of complex algorithms and processes.

This area of understanding is becoming one of the most sorted after areas for tech companies of all shapes and sizes as it is the most beneficial when designing new applications, Internet connection devices, autonomous vehicles, Virtual Reality (VR) and other related products.

Hybrid Designers are able to recognise and appreciate the complex nature that exists within tech products as well as the design challenge that lies within each of the sectors.  The very foundations of design is changing, and today it’s not just about staying in one lane knocking out design after design, at least not in the tech sector.

It is more about ensuring that you can provide a multi-skill and fresh approach to any kind of problem faced by either the user or the company.

Adaptive Design layout in HTML

Problem Solving is key

Designers often seek out companies that have a strong sense of inclusion within its teams.

Today it is important for the teams to feel at home with the company they are with, and by the same token customers need to feel that they can trust the company they are using.

As more tech companies increase their head count for more designers to join their team, and with the potential for hybrids to fill this gap.
There is a clear sense of progression that designers need to start focusing on problem solving more than ever before.

Essentially the design now needs to look to solve problems customers are having with tech companies products or services and provide a fresh approach to the overall product development.

It’s not so much about ensuring the design looks attractive, more about that the design works for the tech product and company.


In today’s world of instant news, photos, VR and AR tech products, it is important for tech companies to stand out amongst the crowd, with intuitive designs, products that solve problems for users and provide a sense of ease for its users and teams.

Design has a vital role to play in the tech industry, and without it I sense that we would all still be viewing pages upon pages of black text on a white background, just as we were in the 90s.

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