Why you need to stop hosting your UK website abroad

Over the past 2 years we have written various articles on why reliable website hosting is so important and why you really should care about your how and where your website is hosted.

Yet in 2018, it is surprising just how many people, and agencies, are still using services hosted in the US or abroad.

So why do we feel so passionate about ensuring you host your website right here in the UK?

website hosting in the uk from e3 digital

UK Website Hosting is safer, than hosting abroad

When your website is hosted in another country, you’re no longer under the jurisdiction of the UK.

If you’ve chosen to use a country that’s not in the EU and it isn’t the US, their laws could certainly differ to what you’re used to here.

Some countries such as China, have very steep terms when it comes to hosting on their servers and one foot wrong could see you in a bit more than just hot water.

So unless you know what is acceptable in that particular country our advise would be to look closer to the UK

GDPR is coming

Seriously, it is.

Personal data is now so valuables and with us all being interconnected you’re going to have to explain to your customers where their information is stored and how you use it.

At present the GDPR covers businesses here in the UK, however for services abroad there are different laws that are applied to data protection and privacy on a country by country basis.

Our recommendation is do your homework, and find out what laws are in place to a) protect your customers details from being stolen and b) protect your business from negative press.

UK is leaving the EU

We’re leaving the EU and as time goes on laws on privacy are going to be debated and decided upon.

It would therefore be prudent enough for you to move your websites away from EU countries and bring them here to the UK.

As once again there is that big cloud of doubt as to what will happen to those websites once we have left.

It could end up costing you a lot more than just money

How much do you really know about that hosting company you’ve chosen?

Often you will see amazing, and unbelievable prices like 12 months hosting for less than $1.97, believe me I was a student once.

But at that price is it going to be secure?  How secure is it?  What control do you have over the website hosting?  Where are their servers based?

Your website will be ranked lower in the search results if you’re using a server that is different from your residing country.

So take time to fully understand the pitfalls of hosting abroad.

I need a foreign host as my business is expanding

Now this is different.

If you need a website in another country because your business is expanding our recommendation would be to secure the country level domain i.e. .fr .de, .pl etc.

Find a hosting company in that specific country and host directly on that server.

In some cases, countries require you to have a physical office to be able host in their country, so bear this in mind when you’re looking for a foreign hosting company.


So when it comes to finding a website hosting company for your website, first and foremost look in the UK.

At E3 Digital we provide a fast and reliable website hosting service that is based in Manchester.  Our servers come with a uptime-guarantee of 99.9%.

To find out how we can keep business critical services online, drop us a line on 01803 411580 or e-mail us on info@ethreedigital.com.

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