We’re Hootsuite Certified

Hootsuite Certified ProfessionalWe are pleased to announce that E3 Digital is a Hootsuite Certified digital agency.  Whilst we are building our shiny new website for the E3 Digital brand, we have been spending sometime in investing in further certifications to ensure we can provide you with a dedicated, educated, informative and up to date digital strategy which is in line with current standards.

By becoming Hootsuite Certified we are committing to providing you with the latest techniques to better build and control your businesses digital presence on Social Media.

E3 Digital is now rolling out Hootsuite across our own internal network of systems and we’re already developing a social media strategy that will help us deliver the very latest content, news and general company updates to our target audience.

Once the new E3 Digital website goes live you will be able to find more information about our Hootsuite Certification as well as other certificates that we are working towards achieving.

Overall we want to ensure that we are providing the very latest and the best techniques to help you perform at your best on social media and also to ensure that your audience becomes a lot more than just a visitor to your website.

You can see our credentials by going to our dedicated Hootsuite Page, you can get there by clicking here.