Boost Digital Media Update

A boost of an update…

I have a few bits that I need to get through and rather than making mountains out of molehills I figured I’d consolidate them all into one post to keep things simple.

So here goes.

Boost Torbay Magazine

I’ve been talking a lot about a new physical publication for BoostTorbay, and for a short while work did start on this in collaboration with another agency.

Unfortunately, I had to make the decision to pull out of the partnership at the end of August.

Therefore, no physical publication of BoostTorbay will be going into production this year.

Boost Websites

I’ve setup 3 new websites to compliment the main, website.

Boost London, Boost Plymouth and Boost Exeter. However, as quick as I’ve set them up I am now at a cross roads with regards to what I do with the websites.

Ideally I’d like to see people take them over, and run them in their respected areas. You would obviously need a lot of time, patience and persistence to get them out there.

So if you like the idea of running your own website, writing plenty of positive articles for your local area, then lets have a chat and see what we can work out.

BoostTorbay – Update

As time is going on, and as much as I’d love to, I cannot keep running and its related social media accounts for free. It’s neither viable nor sustainable to do this.

By December 2019, I will be introducing a membership scheme for Boost Torbay. This membership scheme will have plenty of perks and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store

The monthly note will also be starting back up again, so please watch out for this in your inboxes.

I will still be running BoostTorbay, however, I’ll be dropping the number of hours I spend on this, currently this is approximately 24 hours every week.

This will drop to 8 hours a week to include the BoostTorbay Chat on a Friday.

Boost Digital Media

For Boost Digital Media, expect to see a lot more from the business and also some more development/website design posts from me.

Work is already underway on improving this website, as well as a complete design overhaul .

Along side this, I’m starting to make our web design studio, in the indoor market, Torquay, a place where you can come for meetings and discussions around your next website project, subject to a prior appointment.

I’m also making a few internal changes as well which will benefit clients in the not to distant future.

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