Bad magic header in tc log – MySQL [Fixed]

I’m putting this together to hopefully help other people with a similar problem. 

Having just spent the past 48 hours trying to resolve an issue with the XAMPP MySQL application. 

My initial problem was that MySQL wouldn’t start, it would simply remain on amber before going back to red. 

Like most people I hit Google and Stackoverflow for the answer, trialing various methods including: 

sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin/mysql.server start 

I tried changing the port number to 3307, 3308, again with no effect. 

Changing Port numbers on XAMPP

Lastly I also tried the Activity Monitor on Mac to try and find the MySQL process, however this was not the problem as MySQL was not active and having tried various other commands within the terminal started to get a little concerned. 

I also struggled to gain access to the <computer-name>.local.err file within the XAMPP core files, initially permissions were set to no access to everyone.  

However, I was able to resolve this by changing the permissions to read and write, it is this breakthrough which lead me to find the following error message: 

I then went to the tc.log file and deleted this from the XAMPP Installation. 

I then attempted to restart the MySQL service using XAMPP this appears to of solved the problem and I am now able to use the PHPmyAdmin part of the XAMPP stack. 

If this has helped you resolve the issue please let me know in the comments below.  

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