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How to Choose the Right Content Partner for Your Business

Content is King, but you already knew that which is why it is such a vital part of your marketing mix.  Now when you think of content you’re probably thinking website, app or perhaps your blog. 

However, what about the content for your marketing channels such as Social media, digital messaging and more, how can you find the right content partner for your business?

In just 3 steps we’ll show you how.  

Step 1: Have a goal in mind

Before you approach any content partner you’re going to want a goal mind, after all that is the only way which marketing works.  

Sit down and define where you want to go and then define a plan on how you’re going to get there.  

You will also need to consider what you want to get out of the campaign.  Are you looking to get in front of potential customers and increase visibility?  Looking to add value to your product and influence buying decisions? Or do you want to change the perception your brand has.

Defining your goals, what you want to get from the campaign and how you’re going to get there are vital before considering the next step.   

Step 2: Consider engagement, not vanity

Social Media has made it possible for people to obsess over followers, likes and fans.  When push comes to shove these are vanity statistics, and do not mean an audience that is engaged with the digital media partner. 

Well known and traditional media models usually have heavy direct traffic to their website.  Where as, new digital media companies such as Buzzfeed rely on the power of the social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. 

The focus on the social media channels enables the digital media company to distribute the content at scale.  

So before you decide what digital media partner to go with consider how they are going to distribute your content and ensure it fits in with your goal.  

Ask your digital media partner for statistics, such as their reach, engagement and how those two figures reflect on their established audience. 

Step 3. Understand the audience

Once you have your marketing message the next port of call is to deliver it to the right person, at the right time with the right kind of content in order for it to work.  

A digital media partner understands more than just the audience, they live and breath it.  They know the audiences demographic, preferences and means in which they consume content. 

They spend hours pouring over data to ensure that the data-driven insights can deliver a tailored and compelling message to its audience ensuring your brand forges unbreakable bonds with potential customers.   

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