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E3 Digital are now Digital Media agency Boost Digital Media

Exciting news: We’ve gone ahead and launched a new independent agency, Boost Digital Media (replacing E3 Digital & E3 Social Media)

What’s Boost Digital Media’s core focus?

This means we now offer 4 very unique and distinct services under one brand: Digital Consultation, Websites, Design and Local media or outreach.

We build websites with care and support.

At the top of our agenda is ensuring we deliver great websites that work, and then show you how to use them and get the most out of them.

By combining E3 Digital’s technical know how with E3 Social Media’s, marketing knowledge, we will help clients deliver an exceptional digital presence and then drive the right traffic to their website.

What are we working on?

As a team of 2 we’ll continue to work with existing clients including Sense Abilities CIC, TOPS Musical Productions, MG Associates and The Devon Allergy Clinic as well as look for new opportunities.

In terms of new projects we will continue to engages with small businesses in South Devon and beyond. As well as assist other agencies by providing white label programming services.

Our target audience are mainly those who are looking for a tailored web presence that can communicate both their brand and unique offering to the wider world.

In addition to working on client projects, we’re aiming to build on the success of our own products, which includes the local news publishing website, Boost Torbay.

What inspired the new name?

Its time to put down our corporate look and feel, and go for something a little more fun, relaxed and inviting that truly represents our company.

Through the work that we do with our clients we want to help boost their business whether that be a new website, an A5 flyer or a social media plan.

The end goal being to grow businesses in South Devon and beyond.

For further information, contact Robert Haylor

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