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E3 Digital launches Internal URL Shortening

This morning we launched a new internal service for our employees to utilise called the Ethree URL Shortening service.

We want to provide a little more information about this, how it works and why we are offering a service to our internal employees.

Over the past few months our parent company E3 Mobile has been going through a transformation in terms of its brand name.

The online store was moved to a new Ethree branded domain name and new services such as web development, mobile application development, eco products and business services will all soon be available.

With this in mind we know that we share a lot of articles online whether it be a new blog post from our online store, or some free knowledge on our web development services or just an article that we have found online and want to share with our social media following.

All links will now go through our new URL Shortening service and it is our plan to launch a new URL shortening service for website visitors and customers to make use of over the next couple of weeks.

We’re excited about this new service, and we look forward to sharing many links with you.

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