E3 Digital partners with UKFast to deliver exceptional hosting

On the 28th January our VPS server was knocked offline due to 2 disk failures within a RAID array.  This caused multiple websites to be knocked offline, and despite continued liaison with our hosting provider they failed to provide us with a realistic ETA.  At E3 Digital our core focus is to deliver a high quality website that is suitable for the industry, this also covers our website hosting, printing and digital marketing services.

With this in mind, we have made the decision that we’ll be moving all of our hosting services over to a new provider.  UKFast have been in contact with us since Autumn 2017 when we were having problems with our shared network.  Initially we decided to remain with our current provider, to give them the benefit of the doubt, after being good standing loyal customers for over 9 years.

However, following the outage on the 28th the decision was made to move our hosting services over to UKFast by the end of February 2018.

Who are UKFast?

UKFast are one of the leading providers of UK hosting and colocation, supplying both dedicated critical application hosting and cloud based hosting services.  Some of their customers have included large size organisations such as the NHS, British Cycling, Regis and many more.  We are delighted to be a customer of UKFast and we’re looking forward to a longer and prosperous business relationship with them.

What does this mean for me?

As a customer of E3 Digital, your hosting will still be managed by us and you will still only ever talk to one person in relation to your hosting facilities.  We have already made contact with our hosting clients to inform you of the hosting move and, in turn, we will be sending out e-mails with your website moving date.

It does mean changes in terms of control panel as the new server will be using cPanel.  Your website hosting service, shouldn’t be affected by the move as we have carried out several moves to the server already and these services are working well.  There may also be changes, that you will need to make to your Outlook services, if you use the server for your e-mail requirements.

It also means that if there is a problem with your website hosting we can get onto the case within a matter of hours.

Ethree Status

As of 16th February, this website will be closed down and will not be moved over to the new systems.

We will continue to post updates about the website hosting move as we begin the process.

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