7 Fresh ideas for your company blog

Fresh ideas for your company blog

I have been a blogger for just over 12 years, whether it be blogging on my own personal website/blog or blogging for other companies.  In that time I have found one of the biggest challenges is keeping the creative juices flowing.

Of course, when you’re writing for your own personal blog its kind of simple, as there really is no limit as to what you can blog about.  However, when it comes to your company blog just what could/should you blog about.  I have a couple of tips to share, plan your blog posts before you even start typing on your keyboard.

What follows are a few points to help you reignite the creative writing juices.


I’m terrible at DIY, seriously, if there is one area that I lack in and that is DIY.

Google has become my new handyman, turning me into the next Tommy Walsh, or something like that.  With hundreds of thousands of how to guides, tutorials and walkthroughs out there on the web you don’t have to be a professional to get the job done.

So if your product or service requires instructions, now is the time to produce them online, and share them with your audience.  Perhaps make it an exclusive area for customers of your organisation.

Start a series

Last year we produced the Fab Friday Links Series, and we ran with it for 39 weeks.  The results have been brilliant, even today we’re still getting enquiries about adding websites to our Fab Friday Links resource.

So if you think that the idea of doing a series is a daft one, believe me, don’t knock it until you try it.  You will need to spend sometime working out when the episodes will appear and in what format and also keep to the same time and day every week or month.

Lists or top ten tips

Lists are a great way of giving people information.  If you utilise odd numbers in your posts it has been proven that these posts have a higher click through rate than those that contain even numbers.


Because odd numbers, is, well, an odd number, and people like it if you break the conventional here and there.

So go ahead, be a rebel.

Interview your staff

If you’re fortunate to have staff, there is nothing stopping you introducing and interviewing each of your team members to the rest of the wider community.  If you’re feeling really creative you could do this via a video, make sure you have created a storyboard before hand and also have your questions ready and waiting and then interview them accordingly.

You could then write up this video post in the form of a blog.

Q&A posts

If you’ve ever spent time with a 4 year old you will know that they are full of questions and curiosity, the same goes for your audience.

Ask yourself, oh the irony, what burning questions do you want to know the answers to, and more importantly what questions do your customers constantly ask you?

If you’re noticing a pattern perhaps its time to produce a questions and answers blog post.

Try your hand at vlogging (Video Blogging)

The saying goes a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so just how many is a video worth?

Rather than planning a series of blog posts, there is nothing stopping you creating a storyboard or 3 for a series of video posts.  Make sure you prepare the settings around you and give it ago.  Smartphones, today have made it really easy for us to record videos and produce live  video, however if you want to produce a more polished performance purchasing a video camera would be a great place to start.

Customer Case Studies

No matter what industry you work in your customers will have come to you with various problems over the course of your products/services life span.

So, tell the visitors to your website how your customer approached you with a problem, the process you went through and finally the solution you came up with to help resolve your customers problem.


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