3 Top Tips to increase your e-mail marketing open rate

I was recently at a exhibition in Exeter and met a lovely chap who was promoting his direct mail marketing service.

He asked the question, what do you do with an e-mail that comes into your inbox that you don’t recognise?

I answered, it depends on where it has come from, if its got an interesting subject line the chances are I will open it and have a read through.

Equally if its junk mail I will typically bin it, like a lot of other people.

So in 2018, how can you get more people to open your e-maild?

What follows are 3 tips to help get you started:

e-mail marketing open rate top tips


In 2017 there was a huge emphasis on providing that personal look, feel and going beyond, Hi [Name of contact] approach.

Personalising your e-mail marketing message is vital, and to do that you’re going to need know more about your user, what they are buying, what they do in their spare time and so on.

Research your audience till you’re blue in the face.

Once you know everything there is to know, you can start to personalise the e-mail.

Send at the right time

I can already here your next question, when is the right time?

Whenever your audience is most active, and to find that out you’re going to have to do a bit of trial and error.

Start by sending out one of your e-mails on a Monday at 09:00.  I very much doubt your e-mail will be seen let alone opened.

Monday, often everyone is getting back into work after the weekend, answering important e-mails and preparing for that all important meeting with the boss.

Over the years I have found that between 2-3pm often results in a good open rate, providing I’ve got all my other elements in place.

Open Rate can increase with an interesting subject line

How many e-mail messages have come to your inbox with a title like

Double your turnover in a month, here’s how

I’d suspect hundreds of e-mails in this similar format promising you the next best tip on improving your turnover, increasing foot fall and so on.

So when it comes to your subject line think of an interesting subject line this can have a dramatic effect on your open rate.

Example: He’s only gone and done it

Straight away you’re provoking your audience to look at it, through curiosity.  What has he done?  How has he done it? I wonder what this is about, click.

Other examples could include titles such as [Name of contact], Don’t click this email.

Yes I know, how many times as a toddler were you told not to do something but you did it anyway?

It is the same with adults, to a point, if we’re told not to do something we will normally attempt to do it, due to the curiosity.

My favourite is 9,999 people can’t be wrong

Provoking a sense of, you’re missing out on something will immediately ensure you get a click or 2.  As most people, certainly today, are frightened of missing out.


E-mail marketing is still a very important channel in 2018.

You should be sending out, at the very least a monthly newsletter to keep in touch with your audience.

Personalise is still vital, and segmenting your audience down to metrics such as whether they’ve clicked a link, or whether they downloaded that resource is equally vital.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming into force in May, and the social media world is a wash with people offering the latest advice and pointers.

Ensure you know about the GDPR and make preparations accordingly.

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