Logo & Website Design for TOPS Musical Productions

Semi-Professional theatre production organisation, TOPS Musical Productions Commissioned Boost Digital Media Ltd to design a new brand that communicated clearly what the organisation did.

Along side a rebrand the performance organisation wanted a new website where they could showcase their latest performance as well as provide a location for people to book tickets and get further information about upcoming shows.

The end result was a logo that brought together, performing with music, and the theatre in a nice and easily recognisable brand.

The website was constructed in two parts, the first part was a front end facing website where by visitors can book tickets and get all the information they need about the upcoming and recent performances.  The other is a secure login area for members of staff and performers to access scripts and more.

The website is mobile friendly and works on a variety of screens and browsers.

Checkout the website at www.topsmusicalproductions.com 


3rd November 2019
Logo Design, Web Design
TOPS Musical Productions