Responsive Websites

Website Design has come a long way since the days of the 1990s when the web was solely a world of text and the thought of adding colour to these pages was totally unheard of.  Websites back then were for the privileged and to have your own website back then, well you would be regarded as one of the pioneers of the Internet.

Today, near on everyone has a website, social networks like Facebook and Twitter dominate the world in which we connect and communicate with our friends?  Powerful search robots like Google deliver accurate results which help you find the information you are looking for.

All of this growth and development has been pushed forward by smartphones, tablets and mobile communications.

Responsive websites, essentially they are mobile ready, and contrast and expand with the screen resolution of your devices.  Mobile web usage surpassed desktop users in 2014 with 80% of all web users accessing the Internet via their smartphones.

What this means for your business

A lot of websites are still not responsive and are missing out on thousands, potentially millions, of visitors each month resulting in a loss of traffic, conversion and inevitably sales.  Responsive Websites should be at the forefront of your Internet strategy and should deliver effective results.

A responsive website can enable you to enter new markets and target audiences which are specific to your business or organisation.

Responsive websites also have Google benefits, dubbed Mobilegeddon. Google in 2015 announced it would rank all websites that are mobile friendly a little higher than those who did not invest in the new responsive technology.


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