Should I use a hashtag?


In a world of digital noise it can seem almost impossible to be heard. Everyday new hashtags come onto the digital market eager to reach a level where by they are trending on the various social mediums that are available.  Even localised hours are now organised to help increase local commerce.  Websites such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram all allow you to give your posts a topic for other people to find, comment, share and join in the conversation.

But should you use a hashtag on these social networks.  The major answer to this question is yes, it gives your post a sense of purpose and allows it to be easily found and shared by others whom have the same interest.  The more people who use your hashtag the more likely it is you will see your own following grow and your social authority gradually build.

The Figures

A recent analysis of people using hashtags on twitter showed that 58% of all tweets that were sent out did not contain this essential part.  Meaning they weren’t as engaged as posts that did have a hashtag.  We use the word essential since they are vital to helping with the overall communication eco system on social networks.

Of course the ideal scenario is that we have a lot of people all using our own hashtag and in turn building up an audience which become loyal followers and in turn comment, post and share your content.

Major benefits of giving your tweet, post, or picture a topic are:

  1. 24% of all tweets measure contain at least one hashtag
  2. During the morning commute almost 181% people are more likely to be on twitter than at any other time
  3. 21% of all tweets with a hashtag receive more engagement
  4. The more topics you add the engagement decreases