Social Media Basics Workshop

Social Media Basics Workshop

On Monday 3rd February 2020, we hosted our very first Social Media basics workshop.

The purpose of the Social media basics workshop was to give the attendees the right advice on how to build, grow and maintain a social media presence that will help grow their businesses.

A delicious array of pastries, fruit and coffee was on offer for businesses, to help themselves to and get their own creative juices flowing.

Resolving your Social Media Queries

Ultimately as the conversation flowed it quickly turned to the topic at hand, Social Media, and how to build and grow a following.

I was asked, how I was able to build the following that I have done? Is it a question of Time? Is it having a good Product?

The response I gave was it is a simple case of consistency, showing up every day, whether you’re feeling rough as houses or feeling full of beans, the more people see you, your brand and your message the more people will interact and engage with you.

Social media Support, Tailored to you

I try to tailor the workshops to everyone in the room, sometimes people have tried a few tricks themselves and are only to happy to share them with others in the room, which is great.

The workshop lasted for a couple of hours and at the end of it attendees were able to take a Social Media Tip Sheet away which contained a variety of stats and links to where people can find out more.

I will be holding another Social Media Workshop next month, so if you need a bit of help in building a social media presence, getting people to your website via social media or want to start generating revenue via this channel, Then come along.

Watch our social media channels and website for further dates.


I was over the moon to receive this really positive piece of Feedback, thank you.

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