Website Hosting – Why you should care

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Website Hosting is an interesting service to first of all seek out and secondly to try and sell for hosting providers.
Certainly during consultations with clients we often get asked, what is website hosting?  Do I really need website hosting?  My friend does this in America for a couple of dollars I will use him rather than using you and one of our favourites is we found some hosting on eBay and paid 99p for it.

Lets go right back to basics and define exactly what website hosting is.

Website hosting enables people to access your website, without website hosting we wouldn’t be able to access social networks like Facebook or even be able to read this blog post.  So website hosting is vital to the accessibility of your website.

Quality Website Hosting over Price

Website hosting comes in various different forms from shared hosting to VPS and even dedicated systems.  We’ll keep things simple most websites will run on a shared hosting platform, what that means is that your website will share a server with some 10-20k more websites depending on the technicalities of the server etc.

Shared hosting is available from hundreds of providers and even some hosting can be bought on eBay for less than a packet of sweets.  However, what you need to think about is the quality of the service that is going to be provided, including tech support – what happens if you have a problem?  server security and so forth, the quality of your website hosting will reflect upon your business.

Ever gone to a major retailer only to find their website offline?  Various factors can affect your website, and if the support or the quality isn’t there then your flying blind.  It is vital that you do your research before your buy hosting from a provider.

If you pay 99p for your website hosting – expect a 99p service.

Location vs Price

In America, and certainly we’ve been guilty of it in the past, the average price for hosting is as little as $4.95 if not lower. Your website will have a great up time, great customer service and a fantastic array of software to play with but, and there is a big but.  Your website won’t be ranked on Google over here in the UK.


Simply because your website isn’t based here in the UK, Google knows where your website is hosted and that can cause a drop in your Google position.  Your competition will already know this and be hosting right here in the UK.

Where you host is important, this isn’t us telling you this because we want to keep it all in the UK, this us saying your website needs the best possible UK hosting to appear higher up in the pecking order of a Google search.

Where you appear is very important.

So why should you care?  Well if you want your business to grow and give your website the best possible start you will spend the time to reserch website hosting providers and find a provider that can provide fantastic customer service, amazing uptime and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Can you help?

Yes, and if you are looking for quality UK based website hosting, drop us a line on 01803 411580 or e-mail E3 Digital on