Website Support Packages Now available.

Website support when you need It

To coincide with the launch of the new Boost Digital Media website I have also launched 2 new website support services.

As business leaders you spend thousands on your website, yet often these websites are then left to their own devices and very little is considered about the health and indeed security of the website going forward.

In 2018, the average cost of data breaches for businesses world wide was $3.86 million, something which could and can be avoided with a little housekeeping.

Often what happens, similar to what happens in an emergency, we wait for something to go wrong until we attempt to sort it, sometimes we even attempt to resolve the matter ourselves – leading to potentially even more issues.

By this point the damage is near on done potentially resulting in bad publicity for the company, and a very expensive battle to restore your systems whilst counting the legal costs.

So what’s the solution?

Website Support Packages now available from Boost Digital Media

Some of you will think, I’ll ask my friend, or ask my son/daughter to maintain the website.

The fundamental issue with doing this, is there will always be something more important that comes along and before you know it, its 6 months down the line and you’re still waiting for them to look into it..

Not so good if your website is currently offline or if you’ve recently experienced a DDoS (Distribution Denial of Service) attack.

However, with Boost Digital Media we’re able to offer support for your website on an ongoing basis, even if we get busy, your website will take priority over everything else.

Two different types of website support

Both our Support and Support++ packages combine our 13 year experience of programming with our knowledge of website hosting and our complete understanding for ensuring websites remain online.

This knowledge and experience gives you the best opportunity to secure an ROI on your website.

All of our support packages include year round website hosting and support that is literally a phone call away enabling you to pick up the phone at anytime of the day and get a response from an in house professional.

Our basic support package covers you for 5 hours of support work this work can vary from improving existing code through to updating your plugins and more.

With our support, we guarantee that even if we’re busy your website will remain our priority.

To find out more about our website hosting and support services in Devon, be sure to click on the link.

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