What is website hosting anyway?

Website hosting is where your website lives. Its where all your files, folders, and everything to do with your website is stored.

There are many different forms of website hosting and most websites fit into either one of these categories.

Let’s strip this back, right back to the bare bones.

Website Hosting is Your Digital Address

If we take where you live, lets say its 13 Smith Street, names have been changed for GDPR purposes.

Should people want to come and visit you, they would knock on the door at number 13 Smith Street and be greeted, hopefully with a smiling face and the offer of a coffee or tea.

This is kind of the same for your website, when you came to this blog post you may have done a Google Search or you may typed in our website address, www.boostdigitalmedia.com.

On typing in that website address, you knocked on our door, and was presented with our website.


Because our website lives, on a computer which has the website address assigned to it.

Often these addresses are referred to as domain names.

Types of website hosting

We mentioned there were a variety of different forms of website hosting, similar to how you can get different types of housing from house shares to mansions.

Shared Website Hosting

The very first, and most common form of website hosting is Shared Website Hosting. This is when your website shares the resources of a single computer, often referred to as a Server.

By resources we mean its internal technical bits and pieces, picture a pie, and pieces of that pie are shared between the people that all want a slice, I like pie.

Website hosting companies often have vast amounts of these computers or servers, and will fill them with a reasonable number of websites.

VPS Website Hosting

A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, so parts of the computer or server are dedicated to your website, the rest is shared among the other websites on the server.

Let’s take our pie again, half of the pie is already yours, the rest is to be shared among the other websites on the server.

When we say parts of the computer are dedicated, we’re referring to its technical, under the bonnet parts. This could be RAM, or Hard Drive space.

VPS hosting, is one up from Shared Hosting and is most commonly used for websites that are a little more resource intense example busy online stores.

Dedicated Website Hosting

Dedicated website hosting is exactly what it says, its your own computer in a center and your website or websites are the only websites on that server. It’s yours, you can do pretty much anything you want with it, within reason.

So lets go back to our pie analogy, freshly baked and out the oven, its yours, all of it, you don’t have to share it with anyone.

Dedicated website hosting is often only needed for huge websites, resource intense or busy websites. We’re talking the likes of Facebook, John Lewis, these kinds of websites.

Other types of hosting?

Website hosting companies brought in a whole host of new terms including WordPress Hosting, Website Builder hosting and so on.

Essentially, this is marketing BS, WordPress Hosting is simply website hosting on a Shared Hosting platform, but is specifically designed for WordPress, so the chances are it will already be pre-installed.

Bad hosting?

Here at Boost Digital Media, people come often come to us about their website hosting with words such as, my site is slow, I’m being penalised by Google, is my website hosting right for me? or my website is offline can you salvage it?

We also check to see what we can do to speed up your website in the first instance before contemplating moving you to a new server.

However, website hosting companies are far from perfect, and over the better part of 13 years I have hosted with some interesting companies to say the least, the results have been far from magical.

The Perfect Host

Guess what? There is no such thing.

What I will say, is you’re paying $2.15 for your website, believe you and me do not expect the platinum service.

The perfect host, is one which has a reliable up time, that is it keeps your website online for as long as possible without failure, is on the ball for outages, and liaises with you in times of downtime.

But even these companies do slip up from time to time. What matters most is how they then handle these situations.

Always checkout reviews, visit their website, and do your homework before committing.

Can I host my website with you?

Website hosting in Torbay, Exeter, Plymouth and Bristol can be carried out by Boost Digital Media. We have our own server which is shared between the websites that we build and those that have moved to us.

To find out more about our website hosting and support services, click on the link.

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