Website hosting is the process of finding your website somewhere to live.  If you’ve done your research, the chances are you will have come across some major hosting suppliers.  However, hosting your website with Boost Digital Media is entirely different to hosting with one of these, here’s how.

Boost Digital Media has over 13 years of website hosting experience under its belt. We know, all to well, the problems faced by businesses hosting with a large supplier, slower websites, security risks and a long wait on the phone or ticket system for support.

We think, your website hosting is of paramount importance which is why we have invested in a dedicated server which hosts nothing but our own clients websites and delivers exceptional uptime and performance.

Along side this, our server is maintained and updated regularly, the websites are backed up every 24 hours, with both local and remote versions being kept.

Hosting with Boost Digital Media, doesn’t mean long support queues or ticket systems, it means a quick and simple solution, enabling you to carry on running your business.

    • Boost Digital Media Hosting

      £20per month
      £220per year

      • Reliable UK based hosting
      • 100% Uptime guarantee
      • E-mail Support Only
      • Daily backups of your website
      • 24hr monitoring
      • 5,000MB of space
      • 10,000MB of bandwidth
      • Unlimited email addresses & databases


    • Support Boost

      £195per month
      £2110per year

      • Everything within the Boost Digital Media Hosting
      • Unlimited Web Hosting
      • Telephone & Email Support
      • WordPress Plugin Updates, WordPress Fixes and - up to 6 hours of WordPress support
      • Priority Support - your website will always be our priority no matter how busy we get.
      • No contract, downgrade at anytime


    • Full Support

      £495per month
      £5280per year

      • Everything in the Boost Support Package x3
      • Unlimited Web Hosting
      • Full Phone Support
      • Plugin & WordPress Updates, WordPress fixes and - up to 18 hours of support
      • Priority Support - Your website will always be our priority no matter how busy we get.
      • No Contract, downgrade at any time.


Not sure which service is right for you?

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you with your selection.

Our website hosting services in detail

In 2018 we joined the UK’s best website hosting service provider, UKFast.  Over the past 2 years we have worked hard to achieve an uptime that is as close to 100% as is possible.

We treat every website with the same level of urgency as if it were an e-commerce store.  Our view is simple, if your website is offline for even an hour that is an hour far to long for us.

Which is why we monitor all of our websites and the slightest hint of downtime is quickly resolved.

Today we are a registered UKFast Partner, and are constantly seeking new ways to help support and deliver a great hosting experience to our clients.

The Technology

We don’t want to blind you with science, however, if you’re interested in the kind of technology that is powering your website.

A single Dell R230, Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 CPU complete with 2x 8GB DDR4 UDIMM and 2x 256GB SSD RAID 1 Hard Drives.

Securely protected behind a CISCO certified firewall.

Our server runs on CENTOS7 and provides our clients with cPanel access enabling them to manage their website and related services.

A word on Green Credentials

We’re an agency that’s keen on limiting its impact on the environment.  Which is why we’re delighted to say that our hosting solutions are officially 100% carbon neutral.

This means that this website, our clients websites and our dedicated server are all 100% carbon neutral, good news for the environment, our clients and for us.

Want to know more?

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